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9/15/07: NYRA Tales

9/10/07: Sure, Why Not?

9/6/07: Sure, Why Not?

9/2/07: Sure, Why Not?

8/31/07: Sure, Why Not?

NYRA Tales!
Starring famous and infamous characters from the National Youth Rights Association!
Last Updated: 9/15/07


So, yeah, this site has been updated a WAY more recently than 2007. I just never get around to changing this page. Just go to Sure, Why Not?.

Sure, Why Not?
Thoughts, rants, and ramblings from the mysterious mind of yours truly.... okay, fine, it's a blog. Shut up.
Last Updated: 9/10/07

Just that. Random crap.
Last Updated: 2/23/07

Goodies Reposted
Some classic posts or rants originally posted on other sites or elsewhere prior to the Fortress.
Last Updated: 12/23/06

Lore Galore!
How did all these traditions and celebrations around the world come to be? Well, here it all is! According to me.
Last Updated: 12/19/06

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